Mark V: DS200TCEAG1B Board

One of the established gas turbine control systems from the house of Speedtronic Series is the Speedtronic Mark V. Its design is known for satisfying all the requirements of a gas turbine control system. All the control boards and control cards or part numbers of series DS200 have been associated with the Mark V.  This control system has digital microprocessors to regulate the gas turbines

The Mark V Speedtronic Control system is very reliable in turbine controlling as it uses sophisticated technology of software-implemented Fault Tolerance. The Mark V Speedtronic DS200TCEAG1B is an Emergency Over speed Board.

So, are you looking for a new or refurbished DS200TCEAG1B? We can help you fulfill your requirements. However, let us find out what this product is all about. It is precisely an emergency Overspeed board from the General Electric model DS200TCEAG1B. The product specification of DS200TCEAG1B is that it has one microprocessor and multiple programmable read-only memory (PROM) modules.

This DS200TCEAG1B model board has an 80196 microprocessor. Besides controlling the drive’s overspend, DS200TCEAG1B also works for flame detection trip signals in the turbine and you also need to know about Gas Turbine Control System. The operating instructions and firmware accessed by the microprocessor are stored in PROM modules. Apart from the microprocessor and PROM modules, its configuration comprises a pair of bayonet connectors, three fuses, and 30 jumpers.

The prime role of the board is to monitor the Overspeed of the drive as well as flame detection trip conditions and shut down of the drive as required. Pair of bayonet connectors are responsible for connecting the board to other devices and boards in the drive. However, care must be taken while connecting the male bayonet connectors at the end of the cables to the female connectors on the board.

Prior to removing a bayonet connector, make sure to hold the connector with one hand and protect the board from bending or moving with the other hand. You are now ready to pull the connector out from the female connector. Keep the cable aside until it needs to be connected to the replacement board.

Many times cable can get damaged if the signal wires are pulled out of the bayonet connectors while disconnecting it. Therefore, be careful and do not pull out the cable instead of the connector. Care must also be taken from mistakenly touching any part or component of the board with the bayonet connector on it as their surface may get damaged by getting bent or scratched.

In order to connect a bayonet connector onboard DS200TCEAG1B, keep all the connectors aligned and press them into the board’s connector. When they are correctly in place, then align the connector and press it into the connector on the board. They will automatically click on their place when they are fully installed. However, its connection can be checked by gently pulling the cable. It is recommended to practice absolute care while installing or replacing the board. Try to comply with the manufacturer’s installation or replacement instructions. Since the DS200 series is no longer in production, it is advised to have an extra supply of DS200TCEAG1B.