Bently Nevada

GE Speedtronic Controls

Direct turbine Controls have advanced the GE Speedtronic MKIV in stock that can be shipped to you anytime whenever you required. Other than that Bently Nevada 3500 – the latest vibration system provides continuous vibration to monitor and offers all the applications maximum protection.

GE Bently Nevada’s Advanced Product Line

At Direct turbine Controls, we offer an innovative product line of GE Bentley Nevada that is determined to provide your gas, electrical, power energy machinery assets with complete protection through continuous monitoring.

Four distributed microprocessors operate general Electric’s Speedtronic MKIV gas turbine control system. Three of the processors are used to power the gas turbine. The TMR processor has three main elements: R, S, and T. the three processors are similar, but they are all separate gas turbine control processors that produce triple modular redundancy. The fourth core is allocated to the core communications processor.

Our Specialists

Thanks to the passion of our expert-level engineers, Direct Turbine Control boasts of a state-of-the-art repair facility. With live panels for functional testing and having the latest software, we can test, repair and certify control panel cards and parts.

At Direct turbine Control, our specialized technicians use advanced rework and repair tools and materials to test and repair Bently Nevada products; MKV DS200 Bentley archives and MKIV processor cards.

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