GE Boards & Turbine Control

Our stock of circuit boards and components will help to extend the controls, monitoring or protection system’s operational life, matching and eventually improve the availability and reliability.

Reliable Turbine Control System Solutions and Services

With more than 20 years of experience, Direct Turbine Controls bring you highly advanced gas turbine control systems’ solutions and services, including GE boards, GE controllers, and GE Drive control that are incredibly efficient for turbine controls.

We, at Direct Turbine Controls, partner with the leading oil and gas, power, and energy-generating companies, offering reliable, certified services and lab-tested gas turbine spare parts for the brands that you have faith in.

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Gas Turbine Control and GE Industrial Control

Gas Turbine Controls is the world’s most known independent support for GE Industrial controls. We offer turbine control system solutions that operate and function consistently in an effective manner.

Other than the turbine control system, we also offer GE turbine controls parts and components to repair and refurbish the gas turbine control system. Moreover, we provide outstanding testing and repairing services, custom services training, and assets recovery for GE Boards and Turbine Control.

Our Gas Turbine Control Specialists

Thanks to the passion of our expert-level engineers, Direct Turbine Control boasts of a state-of-the-art repair facility. With live panels for functional testing and having the latest software, we can test, repair, and certify control system cards and parts.

At Direct turbine Control, our specialized technicians use advanced circuit board rework, repair tools, and materials to test and restore GE MK II, GE MK III, GE MK IV, GE MK V, MK V LM, GE EX 2000, GE MK VI, GE MK VIe, GE EX 2100, GE EX 2100e, GE Drives, LCI Panels, Bently Nevada, Foxboro, Woodward, and Rolls-Entronic to name a few.

GE Boards and Turbine Control Parts

Our stock of circuit boards and components will extend the controls, monitoring, or protection system’s operational life, and eventually improving the availability and reliability.

At Direct Turbine Controls, we have everything that is needed for the control systems. From power supply board to processor cards, gate distribution and status cards, drive control, and LAN communications board, drive control card, and other GE industrial and gas turbine spare parts. Just let us know what you need, and we will work out a solution for you.

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