GE Electric, Power Supply and Speedtronic Controls

Direct turbine Controls have advanced the GE electric, power supply and Speedtronic control products, and their certified components in stock that can be shipped to you anytime whenever you required.

GE Mark V

The General Electric Speedtronic MKV (Mark V) is one of the most prominent gas turbine controls built. The MKV has a 16bit, triple-redundant digital microprocessor controller. The turbine control has SIFT (Software-Implemented Fault Tolerance), which provides two-out-of-three voting redundancy with critical control safety parameters. The stand-alone security center offers hardwired monitoring and shutdown features. The MKV turbine gives the operator greater efficiency and lowers the forced.

Our Specialists

Thanks to the passion of our expert-level engineers, Direct Turbine Control boasts of a state-of-the-art repair facility. With live panels for functional testing and having the latest software, we can test, repair and certify control panel cards and parts.

At Direct turbine Control, our specialized technicians use advanced rework and repair tools and materials to test and repair GE Mark V products; mark v processor card, and mark IV processor card.

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