Manufacturer: WOODWARD
Part Number: 9907-163
Series: 505
Availability: IN STOCK
Repair / Refurbish: 5-8 Day
Rush Repair: 24-48 Hrs.
Warranty: 3 Years

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General Description

The 505 9907-163 controller is designed to control single or dual (split range) actuator steam turbines (extraction steam turbines require the 505XT version). The 505 is field programmable which allows a single design to be used in many different control applications and reduces both cost and delivery time. Woodward Governor uses menu-driven software to instruct site engineers on programming the control to a specific generator or mechanical drive application. The 505 can be configured to operate as a stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a plant’s Distributed Control System.

The 505 is a field configurable steam turbine control and operator control panel (OCP) integrated into one package. A comprehensive operator control panel, including a two-line (24 characters each) display, and a set of 30 keys is located on the 505’s front panel. This OCP is used to configure the 505, make On-Line program adjustments, and operate the turbine/system. Easy-to-follow instructions are presented in English through the OCP’s two-line display and operators can view actual and setpoint values from the same screen.

Part Number Options


9907-162                            HVAC (180–264 Vac)

9907-163                             AC/DC (88–132 Vac or 90–150 Vdc)

9907-164                             LVDC (18–32 Vdc)

Optional Bulkhead Mounting Box (NEMA 4X) P/N 8923-439

9907-163, 505 controllers now utilize a special polyacrylate conformal coating material. So that this Coating protects their internal circuit boards from corrosive environments. This new polyacrylate material replaces the previous silicone conformal coating. This provides an improved barrier between board components and sulfur-based gases. 505 controls that have this coating will have a label on the side stating

Buying Options

Brand New

  • These products are genuine OEM Units.
  • Sourced from OEM or independent third party channels, and verified by DTC’s Quality Control
  • Upon customers request we provide a full functional test on these units free of cost
  • Comes with 2yr DTC warranty.

Certified New

  • These products are open box genuine OEM items sourced from independent third party.
  • These units undergo our quality inspection program which involves a full functional verification test and verify the result to match the manufacturer specifications.
  • Comes with 2yr DTC warranty.


  • These products are used genuine OEM parts
  • These units undergo our quality inspection program which involves the complete overhaul and calibration of the unit to match the manufacturer specifications.
  • Overhauling involves full functional testing, cosmetic repair, components replacement, revision updates, etc and comes with 2yr DTC warranty.


  • These products are genuine OEM items
  • Removed from surplus or decommitioned control panels, and verified by DTC’s Quality Control.
  • These units are Power On tested and comes with 30 day warrenty.

Repair Yours

  • Our in-House State-of-the art lab is capable of testing and repairing any Industrial Electronic Circuit boards.
  • DTC Lab is equipped with OEM control panels for full functional test of the subject boards.
  • We use only OEM recommended or industrial standard parts for replacement.
  • We not only repair the problem but also replace the aging and commonly failing components even if its functioning at the time of repair which adds the reliability of the circuit board.
  • Same day turnaround repair service is available upon request
  • All our repairs are backed by a 2yr warranty.

Standard Warranty

Products covered are all products sold or repaired by Direct Turbine Controls corporation.

Standard Warranty Terms

DTC Corporation warrants that its product will conform to its applicable specifications and will be otherwise free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date the product is shipped from our facility (the “Warranty Period”). Please refer to our complete warranty policy.


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