Manufacturer: GE General Electric
Part Number: DS200UDSAG1A
Product Type: Excitation Card
Series: EX2000
Repair: 3-7 Day
Rush Repair: 24-48 Hrs.
Warranty: 3 Years

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To replace the UDSA board:

  1. Turn off power to the equipment, then wait for a few minutes for the DS200UDSAG1A’s capacitors to discharge. Test any electrical circuits before touching them to ensure power is off.
  2. Open the equipment cabinet door to access the printed wiring boards. This exposes the drive control card, which faces the front. DS200UDSAG1A mounted behind the drive control card, also
    facing the front.
  3. Pull the locks located on either side of the cabinet. Lift the drive control card and tilt forward and down to expose the DS200UDSAG1A board.
  4. To remove the DS200UDSAG1A board, carefully disconnect all cables as follows:
    – For a ribbon cable, place one hand on each side of the cable connector that mates with the board connector. Gently pull the cable connector with both hands.
    – For a cable with a pull tab, carefully pull the tab
  5. Plastic snaps (holders) keep the DS200UDSA in place. Push these holders back to release the board.
  6. On the replacement board, set all jumpers and switches in the exact position as those on the board being replaced.
    If a board revision has added or eliminated a configurable component, or re-adjustment is needed
  7. Install the new DS200UDSAG1A board, ensuring that all holders snap into position.
  8. The cables are labeled with the correct connector name, as marked on the DS200UDSAG1A board. Reconnect all cables as labeled. Ensure the cable seating on both ends.


A printed wiring board is identified by an alphanumeric part number imprinted on it. For eg. the DS200DCFBG1B marked with part number:
The DS200DCFB portion is the base number that identifies the printed wiring board, in this case, the Power Supply Board. The r and u digits are alphabetic characters that indicate the board revision level. The r digit reflects a functional change that is not downward compatible. It is essentially a new catalog number. The u digits represent revision levels that are downward compatible.
The G# identifies a group, which is a variation of a particular board.
The DCFB board has only one group, G1. Refer:


Buying Options

Brand New

  • These products are genuine OEM Units.
  • Sourced from OEM or independent third party channels, and verified by DTC’s Quality Control
  • Upon customers request we provide a full functional test on these units free of cost
  • Comes with 2yr DTC warranty.

Certified New

  • These products are open box genuine OEM items sourced from independent third party.
  • These units undergo our quality inspection program which involves a full functional verification test and verify the result to match the manufacturer specifications.
  • Comes with 2yr DTC warranty.


  • These products are used genuine OEM parts
  • These units undergo our quality inspection program which involves the complete overhaul and calibration of the unit to match the manufacturer specifications.
  • Overhauling involves full functional testing, cosmetic repair, components replacement, revision updates, etc and comes with 2yr DTC warranty.


  • These products are genuine OEM items
  • Removed from surplus or decommitioned control panels, and verified by DTC’s Quality Control.
  • These units are Power On tested and comes with 30 day warrenty.

Repair Yours

  • Our in-House State-of-the art lab is capable of testing and repairing any Industrial Electronic Circuit boards.
  • DTC Lab is equipped with OEM control panels for full functional test of the subject boards.
  • We use only OEM recommended or industrial standard parts for replacement.
  • We not only repair the problem but also replace the aging and commonly failing components even if its functioning at the time of repair which adds the reliability of the circuit board.
  • Same day turnaround repair service is available upon request
  • All our repairs are backed by a 2yr warranty.

Standard Warranty

Products covered are all products sold or repaired by Direct Turbine Controls corporation.

Standard Warranty Terms

DTC Corporation warrants that its product will conform to its applicable specifications and will be otherwise free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date the product is shipped from our facility (the “Warranty Period”). Please refer to our complete warranty policy.


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