Testing & Repair

Assuring the functionality of the circuit boards

Direct Turbine has invested in modern testing and repair facilities to ensure that all work is carried out in a clean and controlled environment. Our technical staff is fully trained in all aspects of testing and repairs to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently.

Spare Parts

New and Refurbished circuit boards

Direct Turbine maintains an unparalleled inventory of replacement parts for the systems declared obsolete or at end-of-life by the OEM, as well as the current ones. Our clients have access to genuine, tested, and warrantied spares with personalized service and expedited delivery in case of a forced outage or emergency. Our stock of circuit boards and components will help to extend the controls, monitoring, or protection system’s operational life, and matching, and eventually improve the availability and reliability.

Custom Service

Industrial training for operators and technicians.

Direct Turbine field service technicians and engineers are experienced in handling your GE Frame and LM turbines. Our GE equipment capabilities cover the following controls types:


Industrial training for operators and technicians.

Direct Turbine offers a variety of training courses at the customer’s site or at our headquarters training facility for systems including Speedtronic™ Mark IV, Mark V, and Mark VI. These courses can be provided through predefined seminars or fully customized classes to suit your specific requirements. We can also provide training in Spanish.

Asset Recovery

Maximize the value of your surplus

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current GE Speedtronic™ controls system to the latest generation, or if you’ve already completed this operation, our asset recovery team is interested to learn what surplus is or will be available.