Spare Parts

Replacement Parts for Systems Declared at End-of-Life by the OEM


We offer a large inventory of Ready to Ship New and Refurbished circuit boards which is certified for functionality and reliability. For models that are no longer supported by the OEM, our refurbished units are a better choice than the so called “NEW’ units currently available in the market since we do a complete overhaul and upgrade to negate the effect of prolonged shelf storage. Some of the NEW units we tested for certification did not meet the specifications pertaining to aging components, as the original production date of these cards was well past the recommended shelf life. All units leaving our lab undergo a thorough functional testing and hence we can offer you units that meet or exceed industry standards ensuring worry free service for your control system.

  • We Supply circuit boards with the following Condition Codes: Factory New (FN)- These units are Factory New in Box products; sourced from OEM or independent sellers with original manufacturers warranty.
  • Certified New (CN) – These products are open-box genuine items, sourced from Non-OEM or independent third-party channels and verified by Direct Turbine’s Quality Control. These units are functionally tested and come with a two-year Direct Turbine warranty.
  • Refurbished (RF) – These units are fully overhauled to factory-recommended specifications. These units undergo Functional Verification Test (FVT) and come with a two-year Direct Turbine Warranty.
  • Used Surplus (UD)- These units are sourced through third-party channels and were received as used or surplus stock boards. The units are tested for functionality and repaired if needed.

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