Gas turbine controls: The typical target of a gas turbine fuel regulator is to shift the fuel stream depending on the situation to keep up the superior force turbine speed paying little mind to load or fuel quality varieties. In specific applications, that speed setpoint is held steady, yet it is typically changed to accomplish a course control objective. gas turbine controls application incorporates consistently with execution and against flood control applications to give coordinated control and security of your whole train. The exhibition control application would then constrain the set point for the fuel control application.


CCC gas turbine regulator has a few highlights to guarantee the security of your machine. In addition, the regulator has explicit cutoff points to shield it from harm and decrease upkeep. Here are the standard assurance control highlights:

  • Fuel Regulation for controlling a chose shaft speed or the force yield while securing against speed, temperature, and pressing factor limits
  • Overspeed Protection for the force turbine and gas generator utilizing a blend of shut and open-circle reactions (both high-and low-pressure rotors, if appropriate)
  • Overtemperature Protection and Pressure Limiting
  • Flameout and Overfilling Protection, including planned speed increase and deceleration limits
  • Surge Protection for the gas generator blower
  • Fallback Strategies that give proceeded with activity or shut down the turbine when different required sources of info come up short
  • Control Element Tracking to trigger a caution or closure if any control component digresses excessively far from its planned position
  • Set Point Depression engineer work forestalls overshoot of the speed target and permits you to diminish warm weight on the motor

Improved Control

Expanding the proficiency of your gas turbine fuel control permits you to accomplish a more extensive working envelope. Running nearer as far as possible, securely, brings about more drive out of the motor. CCC’s gas turbine fuel controller upgrades control with the accompanying highlights:

  • Fully robotized groupings for firing up, closing down, stacking, and sitting a turbine
  • A Dual Fuel highlight what partitions the absolute fuel interest between the gas and fluid fuel valves
  • Fuel Density Compensation adjusts the Fuel Control Valve yield signs to varieties in fuel thickness
  • Fuel Control Valve Compensation capacities adjust the yield signals for non-direct control valves

Gas turbine controls professionals give a full scope of help for mechanical framework applications. It incorporates rationale configuration, programming, alterations, updates, investigating, and fix. Our specialists and developers are incredibly educated of a few driving brands of Gas turbine controls and UI programming and have finished plant pieces of training for thorough information. They can remember information for Control Logix, Compact Logix, SLC500, Micro Logix, HMI, and all related programming.

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