What is Reliance Controls System, and how does it Work?

Reliance Controls is the leading provider of domestic and international control systems. It offers a complete line of products: manual transfer switches and panels, load meters, and much more. Let’s explore a few of the industries that have relied on Reliance Controls to meet their safety and security needs:

Food and Beverage:

Some systems monitor and manage temperatures, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, oxygen levels, carbon monoxide concentration, and other environmental-related issues in food and beverage. A central computer or server controls these systems, which receives data from sensors located throughout your facility. The computer can then send any required commands to the sensors to identify any problems.


Some control systems allow people to automatically adjust the lighting in their homes, offices, or public areas. In entertainment venues such as nightclubs, concert halls, and arenas, our systems ensure that a party never becomes too rowdy to prevent disruptions to the event itself. With our quality products and unbeatable customer service, you can rest assured that you will have nothing but peace of mind with Reliance Controls in your facility.

What is the Reliance Controls manual transfer switch?

The Reliance Control manual transfer switch connects a portable generator to your home or electrical business system. Indoors, it has a NEMA 3R rating and can handle 16 circuits.

You can use the manual transfer switch in an outage to select which circuits you want to power with your portable generator by connecting it to your home or business’s existing electrical panel.

What Makes Reliance Controls Different?

Reliance Controls offers a variety of different switches that are designed specifically for home use or commercial applications. For example, they have manual and automatic transfer switches. That can handle up to 6,000 watts of power at 240-volts or 12,500 watts at 120-volts. They also offer universal bypasses that allow you to bypass your electrical panel so that only critical circuits are powered during an outage, eliminating waste and conserving fuel for your generator.

We’re here to help install and maintain your new Reliance Controls system.

Our team will be on-site at your location for the duration of the installation. And will make sure everything goes smoothly. They’ll also be available to answer any questions about your new Reliance Controls system.