Everything you need to know about Gas Turbine Control System

What is a Turbine System?

Gas Turbine Control System: A turbine system is a process of converting fluid energy into electrical energy. This is basically a device that rotates in a manner to produced gas turbine power that were use by many. It is constructed with a shaft with a blade on it. For example, Windmills and water wheels from history give us a clear picture of the turbine system. Kinetic energy using some fluids like water, air, gas, or steam converts these into electrical energy with the help of these turbines.

What are the types of Turbine systems?

As discussed earlier, the four turbine types are water, gas, steam, and air. The purpose of all is to generate electricity in abundance.

1.      Water Turbine

Water turbines are also known as hydraulic turbines. Its example would be the enormous hydraulic turbine at the fascinating Niagra Falls which was installed by GE in the 19th Century to generate a great amount of hydroelectricity.

2.      Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are very common types of turbines that are mostly place far away from cities in vacant farmlands. However, still, the world has not recognized windmills as an important element in the development of the economy.

3.      Steam Turbine

Steam turbines were first introduce in 1887 in the ship named Turbinia. The successful operation of this turbine opened a new door of opportunities for it. These turbines are still in use generating a huge amount of electricity in the power plants. Just like gas turbines, steam is generate by burning coal and gas. One example of these turbines is the traditional train.

4.      Gas Turbine

The gas turbine is the most famous and newest source of generating electrical power. It uses gases that are gain after the burning of fluid energy like fuel and kerosene. These turbines are best for cruises and jets. The fact were gas turbines are built with very special metals because of their efficient functions when it is hot.

Gas Turbine Control System

The composition of the gas turbine control system consists of three components. The three components include compressor, turbine, and generator. All of these components combine to form a generator that uses fuels to produce electrical power. The compressor functions to burn the fuel for the next component, which is the turbine to do its working. When fuel are compress and burn, the gas which were realease is use in a turbine section. The compressor is a special kind of compressor which is a Centrifugal Compressor.

Types of Gas Turbine Control System

Gas turbines are apply in jet engines. The most famous aircraft engines of the gas turbine control system are:

  • Turbojet
  • Turbofan
  • Turboprop
  • Turboshaft

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